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Lactic Acid Junkies



Our running club meets at a variety of times in a variety of places around Madrid. We seek to foster a schedule that our members feel is comfortable in the time, location and distance for their participation. We want you to pick the meetup that works best for your schedule and training.


Lactic Acid Junkies Running Crew  are a group of runners living in Madrid, Spain. We welcome new runners and assure that all groups have a running guide. The guides are seasoned runners and long-time crew members, giving everyone the security of knowing there is someone you can count on. We have multiple groups to ensure everyone's comfort and participation. We hold weekly runs of short and long distances, as well as speciality runs or themed runs. In addition, we have brunches, discussions, and movie nights.


Our mission statement is: to promote our sport and healthy living for all ages and abilities, to organize events for this purpose, to provide guidance for those new to the sport, to foster a welcoming and friendly environment, and to give back to our community. will give you an overview of some of our activities and events.



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